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Exclusive NCFO First Listen

Somebody With A Broken Heart

Pre-Save My New Single

"Somebody With A Broken Heart"


Rayne Johnson took a job as a railroad mechanic after high school, and he maintains that job today as a Chapter 578  member all while performing anywhere and everywhere with a stage. Proving his work ethic is unparalleled, Rayne hustled for more than a decade thriving in his full-time career while pursuing his passion for music. Rayne actually learned guitar from an older co-worker during their downtime and gleamed the basics on a used Ovation Celebrity. The railroader has now generated over 55 million streams  as an independent artist and received acclaim from CMT and Taste of Country who crowned him “a smooth operator”.


The Fairfield, Ohio singer/songwriter amplifies traditional country tales through soulful vocals bolstered by rock energy and a twist of R&B flavor. His self-titled 2020 EP made the Top 10 on the iTunes Country Album chart, and his debut single, "Front Seat", is the only independent record to break the country airplay Top 40 on Billboard in the past 5 years. Do  yourself a favor and go check out Rayne Johnson on streaming platforms. He is truly a star in the making, and we stand together to support our brother.

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